xapian-core  1.4.25
xapian Directory Reference
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file  attributes.h [code]
 Compiler attribute macros.
file  compactor.h [code]
 Compact a database, or merge and compact several.
file  constants.h [code]
 Constants in the Xapian namespace.
file  constinfo.h [code]
 Mechanism for accessing a struct of constant information.
file  database.h [code]
 API for working with Xapian databases.
file  dbfactory.h [code]
 Factory functions for constructing Database and WritableDatabase objects.
file  deprecated.h [code]
 Define XAPIAN_DEPRECATED() and related macros.
file  derefwrapper.h [code]
 Class for wrapping type returned by an input_iterator.
file  document.h [code]
 API for working with documents.
file  enquire.h [code]
 API for running queries.
file  error.h [code]
 Hierarchy of classes which Xapian can throw as exceptions.
file  errordispatch.h [code]
file  errorhandler.h [code]
 Decide if a Xapian::Error exception should be ignored.
file  eset.h [code]
 Class representing a list of query expansion terms.
file  expanddecider.h [code]
 Allow rejection of terms during ESet generation.
file  geospatial.h [code]
 Geospatial search support routines.
file  intrusive_ptr.h [code]
file  iterator.h [code]
 Functions to assist creating language-idiomatic iterator wrappers.
file  keymaker.h [code]
 Build key strings for MSet ordering or collapsing.
file  matchspy.h [code]
 MatchSpy implementation.
file  mset.h [code]
 Class representing a list of search results.
file  positioniterator.h [code]
 Class for iterating over term positions.
file  postingiterator.h [code]
 Class for iterating over a list of document ids.
file  postingsource.h [code]
 External sources of posting information.
file  query.h [code]
 Xapian::Query API class.
file  queryparser.h [code]
 parsing a user query string to build a Xapian::Query object
file  registry.h [code]
 Class for looking up user subclasses during unserialisation.
file  stem.h [code]
 stemming algorithms
file  termgenerator.h [code]
 parse free text and generate terms
file  termiterator.h [code]
 Class for iterating over a list of terms.
file  types.h [code]
 typedefs for Xapian
file  unicode.h [code]
 Unicode and UTF-8 related classes and functions.
file  valueiterator.h [code]
 Class for iterating over document values.
file  valuesetmatchdecider.h [code]
 MatchDecider subclass for filtering results by value.
file  version.h [code]
 Define preprocessor symbols for the library version.
file  version_h.cc [code]
 Template used by configure to generate xapian/version.h.
file  visibility.h [code]
 Define XAPIAN_VISIBILITY_* macros.
file  weight.h [code]
 Weighting scheme API.