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unicode.h File Reference

Unicode and UTF-8 related classes and functions. More...

#include <xapian/attributes.h>
#include <xapian/visibility.h>
#include <string>
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class  Xapian::Utf8Iterator
 An iterator which returns Unicode character values from a UTF-8 encoded string. More...


 The Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library.
 Functions associated with handling Unicode characters.


enum  Xapian::Unicode::category {
  Xapian::Unicode::UNASSIGNED, Xapian::Unicode::UPPERCASE_LETTER, Xapian::Unicode::LOWERCASE_LETTER, Xapian::Unicode::TITLECASE_LETTER,
  Xapian::Unicode::MODIFIER_LETTER, Xapian::Unicode::OTHER_LETTER, Xapian::Unicode::NON_SPACING_MARK, Xapian::Unicode::ENCLOSING_MARK,
  Xapian::Unicode::COMBINING_SPACING_MARK, Xapian::Unicode::DECIMAL_DIGIT_NUMBER, Xapian::Unicode::LETTER_NUMBER, Xapian::Unicode::OTHER_NUMBER,
  Xapian::Unicode::SPACE_SEPARATOR, Xapian::Unicode::LINE_SEPARATOR, Xapian::Unicode::PARAGRAPH_SEPARATOR, Xapian::Unicode::CONTROL,
  Xapian::Unicode::FORMAT, Xapian::Unicode::PRIVATE_USE, Xapian::Unicode::SURROGATE, Xapian::Unicode::CONNECTOR_PUNCTUATION,
  Xapian::Unicode::FINAL_QUOTE_PUNCTUATION, Xapian::Unicode::OTHER_PUNCTUATION, Xapian::Unicode::MATH_SYMBOL, Xapian::Unicode::CURRENCY_SYMBOL,
  Xapian::Unicode::MODIFIER_SYMBOL, Xapian::Unicode::OTHER_SYMBOL
 Each Unicode character is in exactly one of these categories. More...


int Xapian::Unicode::Internal::get_character_info (unsigned ch)
 Extract information about a Unicode character. More...
int Xapian::Unicode::Internal::get_case_type (int info)
category Xapian::Unicode::Internal::get_category (int info)
int Xapian::Unicode::Internal::get_delta (int info)
unsigned Xapian::Unicode::nonascii_to_utf8 (unsigned ch, char *buf)
 Convert a single non-ASCII Unicode character to UTF-8. More...
unsigned Xapian::Unicode::to_utf8 (unsigned ch, char *buf)
 Convert a single Unicode character to UTF-8. More...
void Xapian::Unicode::append_utf8 (std::string &s, unsigned ch)
 Append the UTF-8 representation of a single Unicode character to a std::string. More...
category Xapian::Unicode::get_category (unsigned ch)
 Return the category which a given Unicode character falls into. More...
bool Xapian::Unicode::is_wordchar (unsigned ch)
 Test if a given Unicode character is "word character". More...
bool Xapian::Unicode::is_whitespace (unsigned ch)
 Test if a given Unicode character is a whitespace character. More...
bool Xapian::Unicode::is_currency (unsigned ch)
 Test if a given Unicode character is a currency symbol. More...
unsigned Xapian::Unicode::tolower (unsigned ch)
 Convert a Unicode character to lowercase. More...
unsigned Xapian::Unicode::toupper (unsigned ch)
 Convert a Unicode character to uppercase. More...
std::string Xapian::Unicode::tolower (const std::string &term)
 Convert a UTF-8 std::string to lowercase. More...
std::string Xapian::Unicode::toupper (const std::string &term)
 Convert a UTF-8 std::string to uppercase. More...

Detailed Description

Unicode and UTF-8 related classes and functions.

Definition in file unicode.h.