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GlassPostListTable Class Reference

#include <glass_postlist.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GlassPostListTable (const string &path_, bool readonly_)
 Create a new table object. More...
 GlassPostListTable (int fd, off_t offset_, bool readonly_)
void open (int flags_, const RootInfo &root_info, glass_revision_number_t rev)
void merge_changes (const string &term, const Inverter::PostingChanges &changes)
 Merge changes for a term. More...
void merge_doclen_changes (const map< Xapian::docid, Xapian::termcount > &doclens)
 Merge document length changes. More...
Xapian::docid get_chunk (const string &tname, Xapian::docid did, bool adding, Glass::PostlistChunkReader **from, Glass::PostlistChunkWriter **to)
bool term_exists (const string &term) const
void get_freqs (const std::string &term, Xapian::doccount *termfreq_ptr, Xapian::termcount *collfreq_ptr, Xapian::termcount *wdfub_ptr=NULL) const
 Returns frequencies for a term. More...
Xapian::termcount get_doclength (Xapian::docid did, Xapian::Internal::intrusive_ptr< const GlassDatabase > db) const
 Returns the length of document did. More...
bool document_exists (Xapian::docid did, Xapian::Internal::intrusive_ptr< const GlassDatabase > db) const
 Check if document did exists. More...
void get_used_docid_range (Xapian::docid &first, Xapian::docid &last) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GlassTable
 GlassTable (const char *tablename_, const std::string &path_, bool readonly_, bool lazy=false)
 Create a new Btree object. More...
 GlassTable (const char *tablename_, int fd, off_t offset_, bool readonly_, bool lazy=false)
 ~GlassTable ()
 Close the Btree. More...
void close (bool permanent=false)
 Close the Btree. More...
bool readahead_key (const string &key) const
bool exists () const
 Determine whether the btree exists on disk. More...
void open (int flags_, const RootInfo &root_info, glass_revision_number_t rev)
 Open the btree. More...
bool is_open () const
 Return true if this table is open. More...
bool is_writable () const
 Return true if this table is writable. More...
void flush_db ()
 Flush any outstanding changes to the DB file of the table. More...
void commit (glass_revision_number_t revision, RootInfo *root_info)
 Commit any outstanding changes to the table. More...
bool sync ()
void cancel (const RootInfo &root_info, glass_revision_number_t rev)
 Cancel any outstanding changes. More...
bool get_exact_entry (const std::string &key, std::string &tag) const
 Read an entry from the table, if and only if it is exactly that being asked for. More...
bool key_exists (const std::string &key) const
 Check if a key exists in the Btree. More...
bool read_tag (Glass::Cursor *C_, std::string *tag, bool keep_compressed) const
 Read the tag value for the key pointed to by cursor C_. More...
void add (const std::string &key, std::string tag, bool already_compressed=false)
 Add a key/tag pair to the table, replacing any existing pair with the same key. More...
bool del (const std::string &key)
 Delete an entry from the table. More...
int get_flags () const
void create_and_open (int flags_, const RootInfo &root_info)
 Create a new empty btree structure on disk and open it at the initial revision. More...
void set_full_compaction (bool parity)
glass_revision_number_t get_open_revision_number () const
 Get the revision number at which this table is currently open. More...
glass_tablesize_t get_entry_count () const
 Return a count of the number of entries in the table. More...
bool empty () const
 Return true if there are no entries in the table. More...
GlassCursorcursor_get () const
 Get a cursor for reading from the table. More...
bool is_modified () const
 Determine whether the object contains uncommitted modifications. More...
void set_max_item_size (size_t block_capacity)
 Set the maximum item size given the block capacity. More...
void set_changes (GlassChanges *changes)
 Set the GlassChanges object to write changed blocks to. More...
string get_path () const

Static Public Member Functions

static string make_key (const string &term, Xapian::docid did)
 Compose a key from a termname and docid. More...
static string make_key (const string &term)
 Compose a key from a termname. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GlassTable
static void throw_database_closed ()
 Throw an exception indicating that the database is closed. More...

Private Attributes

AutoPtr< GlassPostListdoclen_pl
 PostList for looking up document lengths. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GlassTable
bool find (Glass::Cursor *) const
 find(C_) searches for the key of B->kt in the B-tree. More...
int delete_kt ()
void read_block (uint4 n, uint8_t *p) const
 read_block(n, p) reads block n of the DB file to address p. More...
void write_block (uint4 n, const uint8_t *p, bool appending=false) const
 write_block(n, p, appending) writes block n in the DB file from address p. More...
void set_overwritten () const
void block_to_cursor (Glass::Cursor *C_, int j, uint4 n) const
void alter ()
 Btree::alter(); is called when the B-tree is to be altered. More...
void compact (uint8_t *p)
 compact(p) compact the block at p by shuffling all the items up to the end. More...
void enter_key_above_leaf (Glass::LeafItem previtem, Glass::LeafItem newitem)
 enter_key_above_leaf(previtem, newitem) is called after a leaf block split. More...
void enter_key_above_branch (int j, Glass::BItem newitem)
 enter_key_above_branch(j, newkey) is called after a branch block split. More...
int mid_point (uint8_t *p) const
 mid_point(p) finds the directory entry in c that determines the approximate mid point of the data in the block at p. More...
void add_item_to_leaf (uint8_t *p, Glass::LeafItem kt, int c)
 add_item_to_leaf(p, kt_, c) adds item kt_ to the leaf block at p. More...
void add_item_to_branch (uint8_t *p, Glass::BItem kt, int c)
 add_item_to_branch(p, kt_, c) adds item kt_ to the branch block at p. More...
void add_leaf_item (Glass::LeafItem kt)
 GlassTable::add_leaf_item(kt_) adds item kt_ to the leaf block. More...
void add_branch_item (Glass::BItem kt, int j)
 GlassTable::add_item(kt_, j) adds item kt_ to the block at cursor level C[j]. More...
void delete_leaf_item (bool repeatedly)
 GlassTable::delete_leaf_item(repeatedly) is (almost) the converse of add_leaf_item. More...
void delete_branch_item (int j)
 GlassTable::delete_branch_item(j, repeatedly) is (almost) the converse of add_branch_item. More...
int add_kt (bool found)
 add_kt(found) adds the item (key-tag pair) at B->kt into the B-tree, using cursor C. More...
void read_root ()
void split_root (uint4 split_n)
 Btree needs to gain a new level to insert more items: so split root block and construct a new one. More...
void form_key (const std::string &key) const
bool single_file () const
bool prev (Glass::Cursor *C_, int j) const
bool next (Glass::Cursor *C_, int j) const
bool prev_default (Glass::Cursor *C_, int j) const
bool next_default (Glass::Cursor *C_, int j) const
bool prev_for_sequential (Glass::Cursor *C_, int dummy) const
bool next_for_sequential (Glass::Cursor *C_, int dummy) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GlassTable
static int find_in_leaf (const uint8_t *p, Glass::LeafItem item, int c, bool &exact)
 find_in_leaf(p, key, c, exact) searches for the key in the leaf block at p. More...
static int find_in_branch (const uint8_t *p, Glass::LeafItem item, int c)
static int find_in_branch (const uint8_t *p, Glass::BItem item, int c)
static uint4 block_given_by (const uint8_t *p, int c)
 block_given_by(p, c) finds the item at block address p, directory offset c, and returns its tag value as an integer. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from GlassTable
const char * tablename
 The name of the table (used when writing changesets). More...
glass_revision_number_t revision_number
 revision number of the opened B-tree. More...
glass_tablesize_t item_count
 keeps a count of the number of items in the B-tree. More...
unsigned int block_size
 block size of the B tree in bytes More...
int flags
 Flags like DB_NO_SYNC and DB_DANGEROUS. More...
bool faked_root_block
 true if the root block is faked (not written to disk). More...
bool sequential
 true iff the data has been written in a single write in sequential order. More...
int handle
 File descriptor of the table. More...
int level
 number of levels, counting from 0 More...
uint4 root
 the root block of the B-tree More...
Glass::LeafItem_wr kt
 buffer of size block_size for making up key-tag items More...
uint8_t * buffer
 buffer of size block_size for reforming blocks More...
GlassFreeList free_list
 List of free blocks. More...
std::string name
 The path name of the B tree. More...
int seq_count
 count of the number of successive instances of purely sequential addition, starting at SEQ_START_POINT (neg) and going up to zero. More...
uint4 changed_n
 the last block to be changed by an addition More...
int changed_c
 directory offset corresponding to last block to be changed by an addition More...
size_t max_item_size
 maximum size of an item (key-tag pair) More...
bool Btree_modified
 Set to true the first time the B-tree is modified. More...
bool full_compaction
 set to true when full compaction is to be achieved More...
bool writable
 Set to true when the database is opened to write. More...
bool cursor_created_since_last_modification
 Flag for tracking when cursors need to rebuild. More...
unsigned long cursor_version
 Version count for tracking when cursors need to rebuild. More...
 The GlassChanges object to write block changes to. More...
Glass::Cursor C [Glass::BTREE_CURSOR_LEVELS]
uint8_t * split_p
 Buffer used when splitting a block. More...
uint4 compress_min
 Minimum size tag to try compressing (0 for no compression). More...
CompressionStream comp_stream
bool lazy
 If true, don't create the table until it's needed. More...
uint4 last_readahead
 Last block readahead_key() preread. More...
off_t offset
 offset to start of table in file. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file glass_postlist.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GlassPostListTable() [1/2]

GlassPostListTable::GlassPostListTable ( const string &  path_,
bool  readonly_ 

Create a new table object.

This does not create the table on disk - the create() method must be called before the table is created on disk

This also does not open the table - the open() method must be called before use is made of the table.

path_- Path at which the table is stored.
readonly_- whether to open the table for read only access.

Definition at line 72 of file glass_postlist.h.

◆ GlassPostListTable() [2/2]

GlassPostListTable::GlassPostListTable ( int  fd,
off_t  offset_,
bool  readonly_ 

Definition at line 77 of file glass_postlist.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ document_exists()

bool GlassPostListTable::document_exists ( Xapian::docid  did,
Xapian::Internal::intrusive_ptr< const GlassDatabase db 
) const

Check if document did exists.

Definition at line 210 of file glass_postlist.cc.

References doclen_pl.

Referenced by GlassWritableDatabase::replace_document().

◆ get_chunk()

Xapian::docid GlassPostListTable::get_chunk ( const string &  tname,
Xapian::docid  did,
bool  adding,
Glass::PostlistChunkReader **  from,
Glass::PostlistChunkWriter **  to 

◆ get_doclength()

Xapian::termcount GlassPostListTable::get_doclength ( Xapian::docid  did,
Xapian::Internal::intrusive_ptr< const GlassDatabase db 
) const

Returns the length of document did.

Definition at line 197 of file glass_postlist.cc.

References doclen_pl, and Xapian::Internal::str().

Referenced by GlassDatabase::get_doclength().

◆ get_freqs()

void GlassPostListTable::get_freqs ( const std::string &  term,
Xapian::doccount termfreq_ptr,
Xapian::termcount collfreq_ptr,
Xapian::termcount wdfub_ptr = NULL 
) const

Returns frequencies for a term.

termThe term to get frequencies for
termfreq_ptrPoint to return number of docs indexed by term (or NULL not to return)
collfreq_ptrPoint to return number of occurrences of term in the database (or NULL not to return)
wdfub_ptrPoint to return an upper bound on the wdf of term in the database (or NULL not to return)

Definition at line 153 of file glass_postlist.cc.

References GlassTable::get_exact_entry(), make_key(), GlassPostList::read_number_of_entries(), read_start_of_chunk(), report_read_error(), and unpack_uint().

Referenced by GlassDatabase::get_freqs(), and GlassDatabase::get_wdf_upper_bound().

◆ get_used_docid_range()

void GlassPostListTable::get_used_docid_range ( Xapian::docid first,
Xapian::docid last 
) const

◆ make_key() [1/2]

static string GlassPostListTable::make_key ( const string &  term,
Xapian::docid  did 

◆ make_key() [2/2]

static string GlassPostListTable::make_key ( const string &  term)

Compose a key from a termname.

Definition at line 107 of file glass_postlist.h.

References pack_glass_postlist_key().

◆ merge_changes()

void GlassPostListTable::merge_changes ( const string &  term,
const Inverter::PostingChanges changes 

◆ merge_doclen_changes()

void GlassPostListTable::merge_doclen_changes ( const map< Xapian::docid, Xapian::termcount > &  doclens)

◆ open()

void GlassPostListTable::open ( int  flags_,
const RootInfo root_info,
glass_revision_number_t  rev 

◆ term_exists()

bool GlassPostListTable::term_exists ( const string &  term) const

Definition at line 111 of file glass_postlist.h.

References make_key().

Referenced by GlassDatabase::term_exists().

Member Data Documentation

◆ doclen_pl

AutoPtr<GlassPostList> GlassPostListTable::doclen_pl

PostList for looking up document lengths.

Definition at line 57 of file glass_postlist.h.

Referenced by document_exists(), and get_doclength().

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