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Glass::PostlistChunkReader Class Reference

PostlistChunkReader is essentially an iterator wrapper around a postlist chunk. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PostlistChunkReader (Xapian::docid first_did, const string &data_)
 Initialise the postlist chunk reader. More...
Xapian::docid get_docid () const
Xapian::termcount get_wdf () const
bool is_at_end () const
void next ()
 Advance to the next entry. More...

Private Attributes

string data
const char * pos
const char * end
bool at_end
Xapian::docid did
Xapian::termcount wdf

Detailed Description

PostlistChunkReader is essentially an iterator wrapper around a postlist chunk.

It simply iterates through the entries in a postlist.

Definition at line 282 of file glass_postlist.cc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PostlistChunkReader()

Glass::PostlistChunkReader::PostlistChunkReader ( Xapian::docid  first_did,
const string &  data_ 

Initialise the postlist chunk reader.

first_didFirst document id in this chunk.
dataThe tag string with the header removed.

Definition at line 299 of file glass_postlist.cc.

References read_wdf().

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_docid()

Xapian::docid Glass::PostlistChunkReader::get_docid ( ) const

◆ get_wdf()

Xapian::termcount Glass::PostlistChunkReader::get_wdf ( ) const

◆ is_at_end()

bool Glass::PostlistChunkReader::is_at_end ( ) const

◆ next()

void PostlistChunkReader::next ( )

Advance to the next entry.

Set at_end if we run off the end.

Definition at line 324 of file glass_postlist.cc.

References read_did_increase(), and read_wdf().

Referenced by GlassPostListTable::merge_changes(), and GlassPostListTable::merge_doclen_changes().

Member Data Documentation

◆ at_end

bool Glass::PostlistChunkReader::at_end

Definition at line 288 of file glass_postlist.cc.

◆ data

string Glass::PostlistChunkReader::data

Definition at line 283 of file glass_postlist.cc.

◆ did

Xapian::docid Glass::PostlistChunkReader::did

Definition at line 290 of file glass_postlist.cc.

◆ end

const char* Glass::PostlistChunkReader::end

Definition at line 286 of file glass_postlist.cc.

◆ pos

const char* Glass::PostlistChunkReader::pos

Definition at line 285 of file glass_postlist.cc.

◆ wdf

Xapian::termcount Glass::PostlistChunkReader::wdf

Definition at line 291 of file glass_postlist.cc.

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