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glass_table.h File Reference

Btree implementation. More...

#include <xapian/constants.h>
#include <xapian/error.h>
#include "glass_freelist.h"
#include "glass_cursor.h"
#include "glass_defs.h"
#include "io_utils.h"
#include "noreturn.h"
#include "omassert.h"
#include "str.h"
#include "stringutils.h"
#include "wordaccess.h"
#include "common/compression_stream.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
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class  Glass::Key
class  Glass::LeafItem_base< T >
class  Glass::LeafItem
class  Glass::LeafItem_wr
class  Glass::BItem_base< T >
class  Glass::BItem
class  Glass::BItem_wr
class  GlassTable
 Class managing a Btree table in a Glass database. More...




 The largest possible value of a key_len. More...


uint4 Glass::REVISION (const uint8_t *b)
int Glass::GET_LEVEL (const uint8_t *b)
int Glass::MAX_FREE (const uint8_t *b)
int Glass::TOTAL_FREE (const uint8_t *b)
int Glass::DIR_END (const uint8_t *b)
void Glass::SET_REVISION (uint8_t *b, uint4 rev)
void Glass::SET_LEVEL (uint8_t *b, int x)
void Glass::SET_MAX_FREE (uint8_t *b, int x)
void Glass::SET_TOTAL_FREE (uint8_t *b, int x)
void Glass::SET_DIR_END (uint8_t *b, int x)
template<typename ITEM1 , typename ITEM2 >
int Glass::compare (ITEM1 a, ITEM2 b)
 Compare two items by their keys. More...
int Glass::compare (BItem a, BItem b)
 Compare two BItem objects by their keys. More...


const size_t Glass::BLOCK_CAPACITY = 4
 Even for items of at maximum size, it must be possible to get this number of items in a block. More...
const int Glass::BYTES_PER_BLOCK_NUMBER = 4
const int Glass::K1 = 1
const int Glass::I2 = 2
const int Glass::D2 = 2
const int Glass::X2 = 2
const int Glass::DIR_START = 11
const int Glass::I_COMPRESSED_BIT = 0x80
const int Glass::I_LAST_BIT = 0x40
const int Glass::I_FIRST_BIT = 0x20
const int Glass::ITEM_SIZE_MASK = (0xffff &~ (I_MASK << 8))
const size_t Glass::MAX_ITEM_SIZE = (ITEM_SIZE_MASK + 3)
const int Glass::LEVEL_FREELIST = 254
 Freelist blocks have their level set to LEVEL_FREELIST. More...

Detailed Description

Btree implementation.

Definition in file glass_table.h.

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