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analyser Struct Reference

#include <header.h>

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Public Attributes

struct tokenisertokeniser
struct nodenodes
struct namenames
struct literalstringliteralstrings
int mode
byte modifyable
struct nodeprogram
struct nodeprogram_end
int name_count [t_size]
struct amongamongs
struct amongamongs_end
int among_count
int amongvar_needed
struct groupinggroupings
struct groupinggroupings_end
struct nodesubstring
enc encoding
byte int_limits_used

Detailed Description

Definition at line 254 of file header.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ among_count

int analyser::among_count

Definition at line 267 of file header.h.

◆ amongs

struct among* analyser::amongs

Definition at line 265 of file header.h.

◆ amongs_end

struct among* analyser::amongs_end

Definition at line 266 of file header.h.

◆ amongvar_needed

int analyser::amongvar_needed

Definition at line 268 of file header.h.

◆ encoding

enc analyser::encoding

Definition at line 272 of file header.h.

◆ groupings

struct grouping* analyser::groupings

Definition at line 269 of file header.h.

◆ groupings_end

struct grouping* analyser::groupings_end

Definition at line 270 of file header.h.

◆ int_limits_used

byte analyser::int_limits_used

Definition at line 273 of file header.h.

◆ literalstrings

struct literalstring* analyser::literalstrings

Definition at line 259 of file header.h.

◆ mode

int analyser::mode

Definition at line 260 of file header.h.

◆ modifyable

byte analyser::modifyable

Definition at line 261 of file header.h.

◆ name_count

int analyser::name_count[t_size]

Definition at line 264 of file header.h.

◆ names

struct name* analyser::names

Definition at line 258 of file header.h.

◆ nodes

struct node* analyser::nodes

Definition at line 257 of file header.h.

◆ program

struct node* analyser::program

Definition at line 262 of file header.h.

◆ program_end

struct node* analyser::program_end

Definition at line 263 of file header.h.

◆ substring

struct node* analyser::substring

Definition at line 271 of file header.h.

◆ tokeniser

struct tokeniser* analyser::tokeniser

Definition at line 256 of file header.h.

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