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among Struct Reference

#include <header.h>

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Public Attributes

struct amongnext
struct amongvecb
int number
int literalstring_count
int command_count
int nocommand_count
int function_count
int amongvar_needed
struct nodestarter
struct nodesubstring
struct node ** commands
int s_size
unsigned s
int substring_i
int result

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file header.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ amongvar_needed

int among::amongvar_needed

Definition at line 200 of file header.h.

◆ b

struct amongvec* among::b

Definition at line 194 of file header.h.

Referenced by Xapian::SnowballStemImplementation::len_utf8().

◆ command_count

int among::command_count

Definition at line 197 of file header.h.

◆ commands

struct node** among::commands

Definition at line 203 of file header.h.

◆ function_count

int among::function_count

Definition at line 199 of file header.h.

◆ literalstring_count

int among::literalstring_count

Definition at line 196 of file header.h.

◆ next

struct among* among::next

Definition at line 193 of file header.h.

◆ nocommand_count

int among::nocommand_count

Definition at line 198 of file header.h.

◆ number

int among::number

◆ result

int among::result

◆ s

unsigned among::s

◆ s_size

int among::s_size

◆ starter

struct node* among::starter

Definition at line 201 of file header.h.

◆ substring

struct node* among::substring

Definition at line 202 of file header.h.

◆ substring_i

int among::substring_i

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