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Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard Class Reference

#include <queryinternal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QueryWildcard (const std::string &pattern_, Xapian::termcount max_expansion_, int max_type_, Query::op combiner_)
Xapian::Query::op get_type () const
const std::string & get_pattern () const
PostingIterator::Internalpostlist (QueryOptimiser *qopt, double factor) const
termcount get_length () const
void serialise (std::string &result) const
QueryWildcardchange_combiner (Xapian::Query::op new_op)
 Change the combining operator. More...
std::string get_description () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Xapian::Query::Internal
 Internal ()
virtual ~Internal ()
virtual void postlist_sub_and_like (Xapian::Internal::AndContext &ctx, QueryOptimiser *qopt, double factor) const
virtual void postlist_sub_or_like (Xapian::Internal::OrContext &ctx, QueryOptimiser *qopt, double factor) const
virtual void postlist_sub_xor (Xapian::Internal::XorContext &ctx, QueryOptimiser *qopt, double factor) const
virtual size_t get_num_subqueries () const
virtual const Query get_subquery (size_t n) const
virtual void gather_terms (void *void_terms) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Xapian::Internal::intrusive_base
 intrusive_base ()
 Construct with no references. More...

Private Member Functions

Xapian::Query::op get_op () const

Private Attributes

std::string pattern
Xapian::termcount max_expansion
int max_type
Query::op combiner

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Xapian::Query::Internal
static Query::Internalunserialise (const char **p, const char *end, const Registry &reg)
- Public Attributes inherited from Xapian::Internal::intrusive_base
unsigned _refs
 Reference count. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 406 of file queryinternal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QueryWildcard()

Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::QueryWildcard ( const std::string &  pattern_,
Xapian::termcount  max_expansion_,
int  max_type_,
Query::op  combiner_ 

Member Function Documentation

◆ change_combiner()

QueryWildcard* Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::change_combiner ( Xapian::Query::op  new_op)

Change the combining operator.

If there's only one reference to this object we change in-place and return a pointer to the existing object; otherwise we create and return a new QueryWildcard object.

Definition at line 444 of file queryinternal.h.

References Xapian::Internal::intrusive_base::_refs, and Xapian::Internal::QueryTerm::get_description().

Referenced by Xapian::Internal::QuerySynonym::done().

◆ get_description()

string Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::get_description ( ) const

◆ get_length()

termcount Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::get_length ( ) const

Reimplemented from Xapian::Query::Internal.

Definition at line 1098 of file queryinternal.cc.

◆ get_op()

Xapian::Query::op Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::get_op ( ) const

Definition at line 1943 of file queryinternal.cc.

References Xapian::Query::OP_WILDCARD.

◆ get_pattern()

const std::string& Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::get_pattern ( ) const

◆ get_type()

Query::op Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::get_type ( ) const

Implements Xapian::Query::Internal.

Definition at line 1119 of file queryinternal.cc.

References Xapian::Query::OP_WILDCARD.

◆ postlist()

PostingIterator::Internal * Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::postlist ( QueryOptimiser qopt,
double  factor 
) const

◆ serialise()

void Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::serialise ( std::string &  result) const

Implements Xapian::Query::Internal.

Definition at line 1108 of file queryinternal.cc.

References encode_length().

Member Data Documentation

◆ combiner

Query::op Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::combiner

Definition at line 413 of file queryinternal.h.

◆ max_expansion

Xapian::termcount Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::max_expansion

Definition at line 409 of file queryinternal.h.

◆ max_type

int Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::max_type

Definition at line 411 of file queryinternal.h.

◆ pattern

std::string Xapian::Internal::QueryWildcard::pattern

Definition at line 407 of file queryinternal.h.

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