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chert_values.cc File Reference

ChertValueManager class. More...

#include <config.h>
#include "chert_values.h"
#include "chert_cursor.h"
#include "chert_postlist.h"
#include "chert_termlist.h"
#include "debuglog.h"
#include "backends/document.h"
#include "pack.h"
#include "xapian/error.h"
#include "xapian/valueiterator.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include "autoptr.h"
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class  ValueUpdater


static string make_slot_key (Xapian::docid did)
 Generate a key for the "used slots" data. More...
static string make_valuestats_key (Xapian::valueno slot)
 Generate a key for a value statistics item. More...


static const size_t CHUNK_SIZE_THRESHOLD = 2000

Detailed Description

ChertValueManager class.

Definition in file chert_values.cc.

Function Documentation

◆ make_slot_key()

static string make_slot_key ( Xapian::docid  did)

Generate a key for the "used slots" data.

Definition at line 48 of file chert_values.cc.

References C_pack_uint_preserving_sort(), LOGCALL_STATIC, and RETURN.

Referenced by ChertValueManager::delete_document(), ChertValueManager::get_all_values(), and ChertValueManager::merge_changes().

◆ make_valuestats_key()

static string make_valuestats_key ( Xapian::valueno  slot)

Generate a key for a value statistics item.

Definition at line 62 of file chert_values.cc.

References LOGCALL_STATIC, pack_uint_last(), and RETURN.

Referenced by ChertValueManager::get_value_stats(), and ChertValueManager::set_value_stats().

Variable Documentation


const size_t CHUNK_SIZE_THRESHOLD = 2000

Definition at line 193 of file chert_values.cc.

Referenced by ValueUpdater::append_to_stream().