xapian-core  1.4.25
xapian Directory Reference


 Compact a database, or merge and compact several.
 Constants in the Xapian namespace.
 Mechanism for accessing a struct of constant information.
 API for working with Xapian databases.
 Factory functions for constructing Database and WritableDatabase objects.
 API for working with documents.
 API for running queries.
 Hierarchy of classes which Xapian can throw as exceptions.
 Decide if a Xapian::Error exception should be ignored.
 Class representing a list of query expansion terms.
 Allow rejection of terms during ESet generation.
 Geospatial search support routines.
 Build key strings for MSet ordering or collapsing.
 MatchSpy implementation.
 Class representing a list of search results.
 Class for iterating over term positions.
 Class for iterating over a list of document ids.
 External sources of posting information.
 Xapian::Query API class.
 parsing a user query string to build a Xapian::Query object
 Class for looking up user subclasses during unserialisation.
 stemming algorithms
 parse free text and generate terms
 Class for iterating over a list of terms.
 typedefs for Xapian
 Unicode and UTF-8 related classes and functions.
 Class for iterating over document values.
 MatchDecider subclass for filtering results by value.
 Define preprocessor symbols for the library version.
 Weighting scheme API.