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namespace  Xapian
 The Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library.


const int Xapian::DB_CREATE_OR_OPEN = 0x00
 Create database if it doesn't already exist.
const int Xapian::DB_CREATE_OR_OVERWRITE = 0x01
 Create database if it doesn't already exist, or overwrite if it does.
const int Xapian::DB_CREATE = 0x02
 Create a new database.
const int Xapian::DB_OPEN = 0x03
 Open an existing database.
const int Xapian::DB_NO_SYNC = 0x04
 Don't attempt to ensure changes have hit disk.
const int Xapian::DB_FULL_SYNC = 0x08
 Try to ensure changes are really written to disk.
const int Xapian::DB_DANGEROUS = 0x10
 Update the database in-place.
const int Xapian::DB_NO_TERMLIST = 0x20
 When creating a database, don't create a termlist table.
const int Xapian::DB_RETRY_LOCK = 0x40
 If the database is already locked, retry the lock.
const int Xapian::DB_BACKEND_GLASS = 0x100
 Use the glass backend.
const int Xapian::DB_BACKEND_CHERT = 0x200
 Use the chert backend.
const int Xapian::DB_BACKEND_STUB = 0x300
 Open a stub database file.
const int Xapian::DB_BACKEND_INMEMORY = 0x400
 Use the "in memory" backend.
const int Xapian::DBCHECK_SHORT_TREE = 1
 Show a short-format display of the B-tree contents.
const int Xapian::DBCHECK_FULL_TREE = 2
 Show a full display of the B-tree contents.
const int Xapian::DBCHECK_SHOW_FREELIST = 4
 Show the bitmap for the B-tree.
const int Xapian::DBCHECK_SHOW_STATS = 8
 Show statistics for the B-tree.
const int Xapian::DBCHECK_FIX = 16
 Fix problems.
const int Xapian::DBCOMPACT_NO_RENUMBER = 4
 Use the same document ids in the output as in the input(s).
const int Xapian::DBCOMPACT_MULTIPASS = 8
 If merging more than 3 databases, merge the postlists in multiple passes.
const int Xapian::DBCOMPACT_SINGLE_FILE = 16
 Produce a single-file database.
const int Xapian::DOC_ASSUME_VALID = 1
 Assume document id is valid.

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Constants in the Xapian namespace.