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namespace  Xapian
 The Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library.


typedef unsigned XAPIAN_DOCID_BASE_TYPE Xapian::doccount
 A count of documents.
typedef XAPIAN_DOCID_BASE_TYPE Xapian::doccount_diff
 A signed difference between two counts of documents.
typedef unsigned XAPIAN_DOCID_BASE_TYPE Xapian::docid
 A unique identifier for a document.
typedef double Xapian::doclength
 A normalised document length.
typedef int Xapian::percent
 The percentage score for a document in an MSet.
typedef unsigned XAPIAN_TERMCOUNT_BASE_TYPE Xapian::termcount
 A counts of terms.
typedef XAPIAN_TERMCOUNT_BASE_TYPE Xapian::termcount_diff
 A signed difference between two counts of terms.
typedef unsigned XAPIAN_TERMPOS_BASE_TYPE Xapian::termpos
 A term position within a document or query.
typedef XAPIAN_TERMPOS_BASE_TYPE Xapian::termpos_diff
 A signed difference between two term positions.
typedef unsigned Xapian::timeout
 A timeout value in milliseconds.
typedef unsigned Xapian::valueno
 The number for a value slot in a document.
typedef int Xapian::valueno_diff
 A signed difference between two value slot numbers.
typedef double Xapian::weight
 The weight of a document or term.
typedef XAPIAN_REVISION_TYPE Xapian::rev
 Revision number of a database.
typedef XAPIAN_TOTALLENGTH_TYPE Xapian::totallength
 The total length of all documents in a database.


const valueno Xapian::BAD_VALUENO = 0xffffffff
 Reserved value to indicate "no valueno".

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