xapian-core  1.4.25
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geospatial.h File Reference

Geospatial search support routines. More...


struct  Xapian::LatLongCoord
 A latitude-longitude coordinate. More...
class  Xapian::LatLongCoordsIterator
 An iterator across the values in a LatLongCoords object. More...
class  Xapian::LatLongCoords
 A sequence of latitude-longitude coordinates. More...
class  Xapian::LatLongMetric
 Base class for calculating distances between two lat/long coordinates. More...
class  Xapian::GreatCircleMetric
 Calculate the great-circle distance between two coordinates on a sphere. More...
class  Xapian::LatLongDistancePostingSource
 Posting source which returns a weight based on geospatial distance. More...
class  Xapian::LatLongDistanceKeyMaker
 KeyMaker subclass which sorts by distance from a latitude/longitude. More...


namespace  Xapian
 The Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library.


double Xapian::miles_to_metres (double miles)
 Convert from miles to metres.
double Xapian::metres_to_miles (double metres)
 Convert from metres to miles.
bool Xapian::operator!= (const LatLongCoordsIterator &a, const LatLongCoordsIterator &b)
 Inequality test for LatLongCoordsIterator objects.

Detailed Description

Geospatial search support routines.