xapian-core  1.4.21
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msetcmp.h File Reference

MSetItem comparison functions. More...

#include "api/omenquireinternal.h"
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typedef bool(* MSetCmp) (const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &, const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &)


MSetCmp get_msetcmp_function (Xapian::Enquire::Internal::sort_setting sort_by, bool sort_forward, bool sort_value_forward)
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Detailed Description

MSetItem comparison functions.

Definition in file msetcmp.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ MSetCmp

typedef bool(* MSetCmp) (const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &, const Xapian::Internal::MSetItem &)

Definition at line 28 of file msetcmp.h.

Function Documentation

◆ get_msetcmp_function()

MSetCmp get_msetcmp_function ( Xapian::Enquire::Internal::sort_setting  sort_by,
bool  sort_forward,
bool  sort_value_forward