xapian-core  1.4.25
bin Directory Reference
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file  xapian-check.cc [code]
 Tool to check the consistency of a database or table.
file  xapian-compact.cc [code]
 Compact a database, or merge and compact several.
file  xapian-delve.cc [code]
 Allow inspection of the contents of a Xapian database.
file  xapian-inspect.cc [code]
 Inspect the contents of a glass table for development or debugging.
file  xapian-progsrv.cc [code]
 Remote server for use with ProgClient.
file  xapian-replicate-server.cc [code]
 Service database replication requests from clients.
file  xapian-replicate.cc [code]
 Replicate a database from a master server to a local copy.
file  xapian-tcpsrv.cc [code]
 tcp daemon for use with Xapian's remote backend