xapian-core  1.4.25
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Xapian::LatLongCoords Class Reference

A sequence of latitude-longitude coordinates. More...

#include <geospatial.h>

Public Member Functions

LatLongCoordsIterator begin () const
 Get a begin iterator for the coordinates.
LatLongCoordsIterator end () const
 Get an end iterator for the coordinates.
size_t size () const
 Get the number of coordinates in the container.
bool empty () const
 Return true if and only if there are no coordinates in the container.
void append (const LatLongCoord &coord)
 Append a coordinate to the end of the sequence.
 LatLongCoords ()
 Construct an empty container.
 LatLongCoords (const LatLongCoord &coord)
 Construct a container holding one coordinate.
void unserialise (const std::string &serialised)
 Unserialise a string and set this object to the coordinates in it.
std::string serialise () const
 Return a serialised form of the coordinate list.
std::string get_description () const
 Return a string describing this object.

Detailed Description

A sequence of latitude-longitude coordinates.

Experimental - see https://xapian.org/docs/deprecation#experimental-features

Member Function Documentation

◆ unserialise()

void Xapian::LatLongCoords::unserialise ( const std::string &  serialised)

Unserialise a string and set this object to the coordinates in it.

serialisedthe string to unserialise the coordinates from.
Xapian::SerialisationErrorif the string does not contain a valid serialised latitude-longitude pair, or contains junk at the end of it.

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