xapian-core  1.4.21
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TermFreqs Struct Reference

The frequencies for a term. More...

#include <weightinternal.h>

Public Member Functions

 TermFreqs ()
 TermFreqs (Xapian::doccount termfreq_, Xapian::doccount reltermfreq_, Xapian::termcount collfreq_, double max_part_=0.0)
void operator+= (const TermFreqs &other)
std::string get_description () const
 Return a std::string describing this object. More...

Public Attributes

Xapian::doccount termfreq
Xapian::doccount reltermfreq
Xapian::termcount collfreq
double max_part

Detailed Description

The frequencies for a term.

Definition at line 38 of file weightinternal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TermFreqs() [1/2]

TermFreqs::TermFreqs ( )

Definition at line 44 of file weightinternal.h.

◆ TermFreqs() [2/2]

TermFreqs::TermFreqs ( Xapian::doccount  termfreq_,
Xapian::doccount  reltermfreq_,
Xapian::termcount  collfreq_,
double  max_part_ = 0.0 

Definition at line 45 of file weightinternal.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_description()

string TermFreqs::get_description ( ) const

Return a std::string describing this object.

Definition at line 39 of file weightinternal.cc.

References Xapian::Internal::str().

Referenced by operator+=(), and Xapian::Weight::Internal::set_bounds_from_db().

◆ operator+=()

void TermFreqs::operator+= ( const TermFreqs other)

Definition at line 54 of file weightinternal.h.

References collfreq, get_description(), max_part, reltermfreq, and termfreq.

Referenced by Xapian::Weight::Internal::Internal().

Member Data Documentation

◆ collfreq

Xapian::termcount TermFreqs::collfreq

◆ max_part

double TermFreqs::max_part

Definition at line 42 of file weightinternal.h.

Referenced by Xapian::Weight::Internal::get_max_termweight(), and operator+=().

◆ reltermfreq

Xapian::doccount TermFreqs::reltermfreq

◆ termfreq

Xapian::doccount TermFreqs::termfreq

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