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OmDocumentTerm Class Reference

A term in a document. More...

#include <documentterm.h>

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Public Types

typedef vector< Xapian::termposterm_positions

Public Member Functions

 OmDocumentTerm (Xapian::termcount wdf_)
 Make a new term. More...
void merge () const
 Merge sorted ranges before and after split. More...
const term_positionsget_vector_termpos () const
Xapian::termcount positionlist_count () const
void remove ()
bool add_position (Xapian::termcount wdf_inc, Xapian::termpos termpos)
 Add a position. More...
void append_position (Xapian::termpos termpos)
 Append a position. More...
void remove_position (Xapian::termpos tpos)
 Remove an entry from the position list. More...
Xapian::termpos remove_positions (Xapian::termpos termpos_first, Xapian::termpos termpos_last)
 Remove a range of positions. More...
bool increase_wdf (Xapian::termcount delta)
 Increase within-document frequency. More...
void decrease_wdf (Xapian::termcount delta)
 Decrease within-document frequency. More...
Xapian::termcount get_wdf () const
 Get the wdf. More...
bool is_deleted () const
 Has this term been deleted from this document? More...
string get_description () const
 Return a string describing this object. More...

Public Attributes

Xapian::termcount wdf
 Within document frequency of the term. More...
unsigned split = 0
 Split point in the position range. More...

Private Attributes

term_positions positions
 Positional information. More...

Detailed Description

A term in a document.

Definition at line 37 of file documentterm.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ term_positions

Definition at line 76 of file documentterm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OmDocumentTerm()

OmDocumentTerm::OmDocumentTerm ( Xapian::termcount  wdf_)

Make a new term.

wdf_Initial wdf.

Definition at line 43 of file documentterm.h.

References LOGCALL_CTOR.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_position()

bool OmDocumentTerm::add_position ( Xapian::termcount  wdf_inc,
Xapian::termpos  termpos 

Add a position.

If termpos is already present, this is a no-op.

wdf_incwdf increment
termposPosition to add
true if the term was flagged as deleted before the operation.

Definition at line 255 of file omdocument.cc.

References AssertRel, LOGCALL, and rare.

◆ append_position()

void OmDocumentTerm::append_position ( Xapian::termpos  termpos)

Append a position.

The position must be >= the largest currently in the list.

Definition at line 124 of file documentterm.h.

Referenced by Xapian::Document::Internal::add_posting(), and Xapian::Document::Internal::need_terms().

◆ decrease_wdf()

void OmDocumentTerm::decrease_wdf ( Xapian::termcount  delta)

Decrease within-document frequency.

Definition at line 166 of file documentterm.h.

◆ get_description()

string OmDocumentTerm::get_description ( ) const

Return a string describing this object.

Definition at line 388 of file omdocument.cc.

References Xapian::Internal::str().

◆ get_vector_termpos()

const term_positions* OmDocumentTerm::get_vector_termpos ( ) const

Definition at line 95 of file documentterm.h.

◆ get_wdf()

Xapian::termcount OmDocumentTerm::get_wdf ( ) const

Get the wdf.

Definition at line 176 of file documentterm.h.

◆ increase_wdf()

bool OmDocumentTerm::increase_wdf ( Xapian::termcount  delta)

Increase within-document frequency.

true if the term was flagged as deleted before the operation.

Definition at line 155 of file documentterm.h.

References rare.

◆ is_deleted()

bool OmDocumentTerm::is_deleted ( ) const

Has this term been deleted from this document?

We flag entries as deleted instead of actually deleting them to avoid invalidating existing TermIterator objects.

Definition at line 183 of file documentterm.h.

◆ merge()

void OmDocumentTerm::merge ( ) const

Merge sorted ranges before and after split.

Definition at line 245 of file omdocument.cc.

References Assert.

◆ positionlist_count()

Xapian::termcount OmDocumentTerm::positionlist_count ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file documentterm.h.

◆ remove()

void OmDocumentTerm::remove ( )

Definition at line 104 of file documentterm.h.

◆ remove_position()

void OmDocumentTerm::remove_position ( Xapian::termpos  tpos)

Remove an entry from the position list.

This removes an entry from the list of positions.

This does not change the value of the wdf.

Xapian::InvalidArgumentErroris thrown if the position does not occur in the position list.

Definition at line 324 of file omdocument.cc.

References Assert, LOGCALL_VOID, rare, and Xapian::Internal::str().

◆ remove_positions()

Xapian::termpos OmDocumentTerm::remove_positions ( Xapian::termpos  termpos_first,
Xapian::termpos  termpos_last 

Remove a range of positions.

termpos_firstFirst position to remove
termpos_lastLast position to remove

It's OK if there are no positions in the specified range.

the number of positions removed.

Definition at line 362 of file omdocument.cc.

References Assert, and LOGCALL.

Member Data Documentation

◆ positions

term_positions OmDocumentTerm::positions

Positional information.

This is a list of positions at which the term occurs in the document. The list is in strictly increasing order of term position.

The positions start at 1.

Note that, even if positional information is present, the WDF might not be equal to the length of the position list, since a term might occur multiple times at a single position, but will only have one entry in the position list for each position.

Definition at line 92 of file documentterm.h.

◆ split

unsigned OmDocumentTerm::split = 0

Split point in the position range.

To allow more efficient insertion of positions, we support the positions being split into two sorted ranges, and if this is the case, split will be > 0 and there will be two sorted ranges [0, split) and [split, positions.size()).

If split is 0, then [0, positions.size()) form a single sorted range.

If positions.empty(), then split > 0 indicates that the term has been deleted (this allows us to delete terms without invalidating existing TermIterator objects).

Use type unsigned here to avoid bloating this structure. More than 4 billion positions in one document is not sensible (and not possible unless termpos is configured to be 64 bit).

Definition at line 71 of file documentterm.h.

◆ wdf

Xapian::termcount OmDocumentTerm::wdf

Within document frequency of the term.

This is the number of occurrences of the term in the document.

Definition at line 52 of file documentterm.h.

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