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GlassCompact::PositionCursor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PositionCursor (GlassTable *in, Xapian::docid offset_)
bool next ()
const string & get_tag () const

Public Attributes

string key
Xapian::docid firstdid

Private Attributes

Xapian::docid offset
- Private Attributes inherited from GlassCursor
string current_key
 Current key pointed to by cursor. More...
string current_tag
 Current tag pointed to by cursor. More...
bool is_positioned
 Whether the cursor is positioned at a valid entry. More...
bool is_after_end
 Whether the cursor is off the end of the table. More...
const GlassTableB
 The Btree table. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from GlassCursor
 GlassCursor (const GlassTable *B, const Glass::Cursor *C_=NULL)
 Create a cursor attached to a Btree. More...
GlassCursorclone () const
 Clone a cursor. More...
 ~GlassCursor ()
 Destroy the GlassCursor. More...
bool read_tag (bool keep_compressed=false)
 Read the tag from the table and store it in current_tag. More...
bool next ()
 Advance to the next key. More...
bool find_entry (const string &key)
 Position the cursor on the highest entry with key <= key. More...
bool find_exact (const string &key)
 Position the cursor exactly on a key. More...
void find_entry_lt (const string &key)
 Position the cursor on the highest entry with key < key. More...
bool find_entry_ge (const string &key)
 Position the cursor on the lowest entry with key >= key. More...
void to_end ()
 Set the cursor to be off the end of the table. More...
bool after_end () const
 Determine whether cursor is off the end of table. More...
const GlassTableget_table () const
 Return a pointer to the GlassTable we're a cursor for. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 656 of file glass_compact.cc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PositionCursor()

GlassCompact::PositionCursor::PositionCursor ( GlassTable in,
Xapian::docid  offset_ 

Definition at line 663 of file glass_compact.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_tag()

const string& GlassCompact::PositionCursor::get_tag ( ) const

Definition at line 688 of file glass_compact.cc.

Referenced by GlassCompact::merge_positions().

◆ next()

bool GlassCompact::PositionCursor::next ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ firstdid

Xapian::docid GlassCompact::PositionCursor::firstdid

Definition at line 661 of file glass_compact.cc.

◆ key

string GlassCompact::PositionCursor::key

◆ offset

Xapian::docid GlassCompact::PositionCursor::offset

Definition at line 657 of file glass_compact.cc.

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