Mailing Lists

There are four mailing lists relating to Xapian:

The [Gmane] links take you to the Gmane news gateway which allows you to read these lists with a newsreader, or browse the archives on the web.

Posts from non-subscribers currently require approval (we'd rather not have to impose this restriction, but we also want to avoid relaying spam to our subscribers). So if you aren't subscribed, there's likely to be a delay before your message is approved and relayed to the list. Please be patient and don't resend a message just because it doesn't appear right away.

If you only want announcements, you can follow @xapian on twitter.

Matrix Chat

Our Matrix room is, which is bridged to our IRC channel so messages sent to either should be visible to both.

Element is a web application which allows you to access the matrix room which is bridged to the #xapian IRC channel. Use requires registration (free), but the big advantage is you stay in the room while disconnected, and then can catch up on the discussion when you connect again. There are also mobile, desktop and command line apps available.


We have an active IRC channel - #xapian on

The users of the channel are in many different timezones, so you won't necessarily get an instant response. This doesn't mean we're ignoring you, just that none of us are at our computers right now, so please hang on for a reply, or use the mailing lists above if you're not able to stay online.