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geoencode.h File Reference

Encodings for geospatial coordinates. More...

#include <string>
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class  GeoEncode::DecoderWithBoundingBox
 A class for decoding coordinates within a bounding box. More...




bool GeoEncode::encode (double lat, double lon, std::string &result)
 Encode a coordinate and append it to a string. More...
void GeoEncode::decode (const char *value, size_t len, double &lat_ref, double &lon_ref)
 Decode a coordinate from a buffer. More...
static void GeoEncode::decode (const std::string &value, double &lat_ref, double &lon_ref)
 Decode a coordinate from a string. More...

Detailed Description

Encodings for geospatial coordinates.

Definition in file geoencode.h.