xapian-core  1.4.22
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1 /* Warning: This file is generated by ./collate-test - do not modify directly! */
2 extern void test_queryparser1();
3 extern void test_qp_default_op1();
4 extern void test_qp_default_prefix1();
5 extern void test_qp_default_prefix2();
6 extern void test_qp_odd_chars1();
7 extern void test_qp_flag_wildcard1();
8 extern void test_qp_flag_wildcard2();
9 extern void test_qp_flag_wildcard3();
10 extern void test_qp_flag_partial1();
11 extern void test_wildquery1();
12 extern void test_qp_flag_bool_any_case1();
13 extern void test_qp_stopper1();
14 extern void test_qp_flag_pure_not1();
15 extern void test_qp_unstem_boolean_prefix();
16 extern void test_qp_accumulate();
17 extern void test_qp_value_range1();
18 extern void test_qp_range1();
19 extern void test_qp_value_range2();
20 extern void test_qp_range2();
21 extern void test_qp_value_range3();
22 extern void test_qp_range3();
23 extern void test_qp_value_range4();
24 extern void test_qp_range4();
25 extern void test_qp_value_daterange1();
26 extern void test_qp_daterange1();
27 extern void test_qp_value_daterange2();
28 extern void test_qp_daterange2();
29 extern void test_qp_value_stringrange1();
30 extern void test_qp_stringrange1();
31 extern void test_qp_value_customrange1();
32 extern void test_qp_customrange1();
33 extern void test_qp_fieldproc1();
34 extern void test_qp_fieldproc2();
35 extern void test_qp_fieldproc3();
36 extern void test_qp_stoplist1();
37 extern void test_qp_spell1();
38 extern void test_qp_spell2();
39 extern void test_qp_spellwild1();
40 extern void test_qp_spellpartial1();
41 extern void test_qp_synonym1();
42 extern void test_qp_synonym2();
43 extern void test_qp_synonym3();
44 extern void test_qp_stem_all1();
45 extern void test_qp_stem_all_z1();
46 extern void test_qp_scale1();
47 extern void test_qp_near1();
48 extern void test_qp_phrase1();
49 extern void test_qp_stopword_group1();
50 extern void test_qp_default_op2();
51 extern void test_qp_default_op3();
52 extern void test_qp_defaultstrategysome1();
53 extern void test_qp_stemsomefullpos();
54 extern void test_qp_nopos();
void test_qp_spellwild1()
void test_qp_value_stringrange1()
void test_qp_stringrange1()
void test_wildquery1()
void test_qp_range2()
void test_qp_range1()
void test_qp_flag_wildcard1()
void test_qp_value_range4()
void test_qp_stem_all1()
void test_qp_spellpartial1()
void test_qp_value_range3()
void test_qp_defaultstrategysome1()
void test_qp_range3()
void test_qp_default_op1()
void test_qp_stopper1()
void test_qp_value_customrange1()
void test_qp_spell2()
void test_qp_customrange1()
void test_qp_stopword_group1()
void test_qp_default_prefix1()
void test_qp_daterange2()
void test_qp_stem_all_z1()
void test_qp_fieldproc2()
void test_qp_flag_bool_any_case1()
void test_qp_value_range2()
void test_qp_spell1()
void test_qp_default_op2()
void test_qp_stoplist1()
void test_qp_stemsomefullpos()
void test_qp_value_daterange2()
void test_qp_daterange1()
void test_qp_fieldproc1()
void test_queryparser1()
void test_qp_scale1()
void test_qp_phrase1()
void test_qp_unstem_boolean_prefix()
void test_qp_value_daterange1()
void test_qp_flag_partial1()
void test_qp_nopos()
void test_qp_value_range1()
void test_qp_flag_wildcard3()
void test_qp_synonym1()
void test_qp_odd_chars1()
void test_qp_synonym3()
void test_qp_accumulate()
void test_qp_default_op3()
void test_qp_fieldproc3()
void test_qp_near1()
void test_qp_default_prefix2()
void test_qp_flag_wildcard2()
void test_qp_range4()
void test_qp_synonym2()
void test_qp_flag_pure_not1()