xapian-core  1.4.25
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Xapian::StringValueRangeProcessor Class Reference

Handle a string range. More...

#include <queryparser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StringValueRangeProcessor (Xapian::valueno slot_)
 StringValueRangeProcessor (Xapian::valueno slot_, const std::string &str_, bool prefix_=true)
Xapian::valueno operator() (std::string &begin, std::string &end)
 Check for a valid string range.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Xapian::ValueRangeProcessor
 ValueRangeProcessor ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~ValueRangeProcessor ()
ValueRangeProcessorrelease ()
 Start reference counting this object.
const ValueRangeProcessorrelease () const
 Start reference counting this object.

Protected Attributes

Xapian::valueno valno
 The value slot to process.
bool prefix
 Whether to look for str as a prefix or suffix.
std::string str
 The prefix (or suffix if prefix==false) string to look for.

Detailed Description

Handle a string range.

The end points can be any strings.

Use Xapian::RangeProcessor instead (added in 1.3.6).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StringValueRangeProcessor() [1/2]

Xapian::StringValueRangeProcessor::StringValueRangeProcessor ( Xapian::valueno  slot_)


slot_The value number to return from operator().

◆ StringValueRangeProcessor() [2/2]

Xapian::StringValueRangeProcessor::StringValueRangeProcessor ( Xapian::valueno  slot_,
const std::string &  str_,
bool  prefix_ = true 


slot_The value number to return from operator().
str_A string to look for to recognise values as belonging to this range.
prefix_Flag specifying whether to check for str_ as a prefix or a suffix.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

Xapian::valueno Xapian::StringValueRangeProcessor::operator() ( std::string &  begin,
std::string &  end 

Check for a valid string range.

[in,out]beginThe start of the range as specified in the query string by the user. This parameter is a non-const reference so the ValueRangeProcessor can modify it to return the value to start the range with.
[in,out]endThe end of the range. This is also a non-const reference so it can be modified.
A StringValueRangeProcessor always accepts a range it is offered, and returns the value of slot_ passed at construction time. It doesn't modify begin or end.

Implements Xapian::ValueRangeProcessor.

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