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Xapian::SimpleStopper Class Reference

Simple implementation of Stopper class - this will suit most users. More...

#include <queryparser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleStopper ()
 Default constructor.
template<class Iterator >
 SimpleStopper (Iterator begin, Iterator end)
 Initialise from a pair of iterators.
void add (const std::string &word)
 Add a single stop word.
virtual bool operator() (const std::string &term) const
 Is term a stop-word?
virtual std::string get_description () const
 Return a string describing this object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Xapian::Stopper
 Stopper ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~Stopper ()
 Class has virtual methods, so provide a virtual destructor.
Stopperrelease ()
 Start reference counting this object.
const Stopperrelease () const
 Start reference counting this object.

Detailed Description

Simple implementation of Stopper class - this will suit most users.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimpleStopper()

template<class Iterator >
Xapian::SimpleStopper::SimpleStopper ( Iterator  begin,
Iterator  end 

Initialise from a pair of iterators.

Xapian includes stopword list files for many languages. You can initialise from a file like so:

std::ifstream words("stopwords/english/stop.txt");
Xapian::SimplerStopper stopper(std::istream_iterator<std::string>(words), std::istream_iterator<std::string>());

In bindings for other languages it isn't possible to pass a C++ iterator pair, so instead this constructor is wrapped to allow passing a filename.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_description()

virtual std::string Xapian::SimpleStopper::get_description ( ) const

Return a string describing this object.

Reimplemented from Xapian::Stopper.

◆ operator()()

virtual bool Xapian::SimpleStopper::operator() ( const std::string &  term) const

Is term a stop-word?

termThe term to test.

Implements Xapian::Stopper.

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