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\NXapianThe Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library
 oNAutoDatabase factory functions which determine the database type automatically
 oNBrassDatabase factory functions for the brass backend
 oNChertDatabase factory functions for the chert backend
 oNFlintDatabase factory functions for the flint backend
 oNInMemoryDatabase factory functions for the inmemory backend
 oNRemoteDatabase factory functions for the remote backend
 oNUnicodeFunctions associated with handling Unicode characters
 oCErrorAll exceptions thrown by Xapian are subclasses of Xapian::Error
 oCLogicErrorThe base class for exceptions indicating errors in the program logic
 oCRuntimeErrorThe base class for exceptions indicating errors only detectable at runtime
 oCAssertionErrorAssertionError is thrown if a logical assertion inside Xapian fails
 oCInvalidArgumentErrorInvalidArgumentError indicates an invalid parameter value was passed to the API
 oCInvalidOperationErrorInvalidOperationError indicates the API was used in an invalid way
 oCUnimplementedErrorUnimplementedError indicates an attempt to use an unimplemented feature
 oCDatabaseErrorDatabaseError indicates some sort of database related error
 oCDatabaseCorruptErrorDatabaseCorruptError indicates database corruption was detected
 oCDatabaseCreateErrorDatabaseCreateError indicates a failure to create a database
 oCDatabaseLockErrorDatabaseLockError indicates failure to lock a database
 oCDatabaseModifiedErrorDatabaseModifiedError indicates a database was modified
 oCDatabaseOpeningErrorDatabaseOpeningError indicates failure to open a database
 oCDatabaseVersionErrorDatabaseVersionError indicates that a database is in an unsupported format
 oCDocNotFoundErrorIndicates an attempt to access a document not present in the database
 oCFeatureUnavailableErrorIndicates an attempt to use a feature which is unavailable
 oCInternalErrorInternalError indicates a runtime problem of some sort
 oCNetworkErrorIndicates a problem communicating with a remote database
 oCNetworkTimeoutErrorIndicates a timeout expired while communicating with a remote database
 oCQueryParserErrorIndicates a query string can't be parsed
 oCSerialisationErrorIndicates an error in the std::string serialisation of an object
 oCRangeErrorRangeError indicates an attempt to access outside the bounds of a container
 oCCompactorCompact a database, or merge and compact several
 oCDatabaseThis class is used to access a database, or a group of databases
 oCWritableDatabaseThis class provides read/write access to a database
 oCDocumentA handle representing a document in a Xapian database
 oCMSetA match set (MSet)
 oCMSetIteratorAn iterator pointing to items in an MSet
 oCESetClass representing an ordered set of expand terms (an ESet)
 oCESetIteratorIterate through terms in the ESet
 oCRSetA relevance set (R-Set)
 oCMatchDeciderBase class for matcher decision functor
 oCEnquireThis class provides an interface to the information retrieval system for the purpose of searching
 oCErrorHandlerDecide if a Xapian::Error exception should be ignored
 oCExpandDeciderVirtual base class for expand decider functor
 oCExpandDeciderAndExpandDecider subclass which rejects terms using two ExpandDeciders
 oCExpandDeciderFilterTermsExpandDecider subclass which rejects terms in a specified list
 oCKeyMakerVirtual base class for key making functors
 oCMultiValueKeyMakerKeyMaker subclass which combines several values
 oCSorterVirtual base class for sorter functor
 oCMultiValueSorterSorter subclass which sorts by a several values
 oCMatchSpyAbstract base class for match spies
 oCValueCountMatchSpyClass for counting the frequencies of values in the matching documents
 oCPositionIteratorAn iterator pointing to items in a list of positions
 oCPostingIteratorAn iterator pointing to items in a list of postings
 oCPostingSourceBase class which provides an "external" source of postings
 oCValuePostingSourceA posting source which generates weights from a value slot
 oCValueWeightPostingSourceA posting source which reads weights from a value slot
 oCDecreasingValueWeightPostingSourceRead weights from a value which is known to decrease as docid increases
 oCValueMapPostingSourceA posting source which looks up weights in a map using values as the key
 oCFixedWeightPostingSourceA posting source which returns a fixed weight for all documents
 oCQueryClass representing a query
 oCStopperBase class for stop-word decision functor
 oCSimpleStopperSimple implementation of Stopper class - this will suit most users
 oCValueRangeProcessorBase class for value range processors
 oCStringValueRangeProcessorHandle a string range
 oCDateValueRangeProcessorHandle a date range
 oCNumberValueRangeProcessorHandle a number range
 oCQueryParserBuild a Xapian::Query object from a user query string
 oCRegistryRegistry for user subclasses
 oCStemImplementationClass representing a stemming algorithm implementation
 oCStemClass representing a stemming algorithm
 oCTermGeneratorParses a piece of text and generate terms
 oCTermIteratorAn iterator pointing to items in a list of terms
 oCUtf8IteratorAn iterator which returns Unicode character values from a UTF-8 encoded string
 oCValueIteratorClass for iterating over document values
 oCValueSetMatchDeciderMatchDecider filtering results based on whether document values are in a user-defined set
 oCWeightAbstract base class for weighting schemes
 oCBoolWeightClass implementing a "boolean" weighting scheme
 oCBM25WeightXapian::Weight subclass implementing the BM25 probabilistic formula
 \CTradWeightXapian::Weight subclass implementing the traditional probabilistic formula

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